ClearSpace BodyWorks

Massage Therapy

Whether you need light or deep tissue therapy, each session is customized 
to fit your needs. 

30 Minutes:  $35
45 Minutes:  $50
60 Minutes:  $60
90 Minutes:  $85
2 Hours:    $110

All Massage Therapy treatments are subject to a $30 fee if not paid at time of appointment. 

Thai Massage

Thai massage is performed on a floor mat with the client being fully clothed in comfortable, flexible clothing. A series of pressure point holds and stretching are utilized to open up the body through the sen lines, also known as energy lines in Thai theory. The therapist utilizes hands, elbows, knees, and feet to help the client release restricted tissue and muscles which will help to bring balance and renewal 

from within.


* Note: Please make sure to wear comfortable, non-slippery clothing 
for this treatment.

2 Hours:  $110
3 Hours:  $150


During this hands off, intuitively guided, interactive reading, a variety of techniques are utilized to bring about clarity, self awareness, and empowerment. Each customized session is focused on helping you move through that "stuck feeling" to bring about changes that will help you live your life to the fullest. There is no limit to what might show up; past, present, and future energies; information from your guides; and physical blockages, to name a few. Nothing will come up that you are not ready to clear space from and move beyond.

60-70 Minutes:  $65


An ancient Hawaiian technique through forgiveness. During this powerful session, you will be guided through a process of meditative techniques to make pono or "make right", with relationships from your past or present.

30-45 Minutes:  $50

Thai Foot Reflexology
This treatment begins with warming techniques applied to the feet. Then a traditional wooden tool is used to apply pressure and massage to the reflexology points of the feet. The session is finished with palm pressing  techniques to the rest of the body to help shift any remaining stagnation. 

60 Minutes:  $65

BodyTalk Access

There are five techniques, which consist of balancing the cortices, switching, hydration, body chemistry and reciprocals. Using these tapping and hand placement techniques, the body is able to communicate more effectively. This leads to the reduction in stress and a healthier body-mind complex.

30-45 Minutes:  $50

La Ho Chi
La Ho Chi refers to the movement of love, light and wisdom energies through the physical and nonphysical body. This technique is performed by the laying on of hands with the intent to bring healing to your body and spirit. 

60-70 Minutes:  $65

Add 2 or more Young Living Essential Oils specifically choose for you to any session.  $5



Monday - Thursday