ClearSpace BodyWorks

Energy Work Testimonials

"I have never had a long distance reading before and I was amazed at how Rebecca could tap right into my energy field. Everything she said was spot on. She nailed for me what I knew intuitively, but needed reaffirming. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"

- Natasha R. 

"I want to thank Rebecca for the wonderfully, powerful healing experience! I do not remember having so much energy moved and cleared in such a simple and profound way. I felt a big shift in my energy and such lightness and more joy in being. Rebecca creates such ease, joy, and light energy with each of her sessions. She has an amazing gift!"

- Barb D.

"I had Rebecca do a reading and it was amazing! I felt very lightened as I was feeling overloaded and very down. I felt a warmth go over me. Thank you for being there for me and knowing what I needed."

- Kathy W.

"Rebecca is a truly gifted healer. She has the extraordinary ability to create safe, sacred space for clearing old belief patterns and affirming wholeness. In Rebecca's very own unique way, she allows the whole process to be simple and fun. Thank you!"

- Diana O.

"I really enjoyed my Clearspace session with Rebecca. Her ability to read my energy was amazing and spot on! She was able to put into words the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I had been experiencing. She validated for me what I knew to be true and I feel like I have permission to work through my feelings now. If you want help in working through issues and creating a more peaceful environment for yourself, see Rebecca for a non-judgmental and kind consultation. I will be back!"

- Lisa SC.

"I received an amazing Clearspace session with Rebecca. Just entering her treatment room is always a calming experience. I am very happy I engaged the whole experience with an open mind because the messages I received were a powerful confirmation of what I already knew and needed to hear. I was able to enjoy both a mind and body experience I have never experienced before. Thank you Rebecca for both my mental and physical health."

- Anette L.


Bodywork Testimonials

"I have been seeing Rebecca for massage therapy since I moved to the area in 2005.  She is a highly skilled therapist with great intuition and in tune with the body and muscles. I always leave her office with a good sense of deep relaxation for both my body and soul!"

- Bruce K.

"Rebecca is so very intuitive and gifted. She is definitely meant to be doing healing work! Book an appointment with her for clearing anything physically, emotionally or spiritually that is keeping you from feeling your best!" 

   - Kristine M. 

"I had my first massage and wanted to report that the area of my right shoulder blade which was always numb and I didn't feel much to the touch, to my surprise, the feeling has returned. The reason I came in for a massage was soreness in my neck and lack of range of motion; both feel better. Thank you Rebecca!"

- Sherri M.

"I came to Rebecca with osteoarthritis causing a lot of knee, lower back and hip discomfort. Under her care, I found great relief and increased mobility. I still needed two knee replacement surgeries, but Rebecca helped me through that pain and rehab as well even coming to my house to assist me through my discomfort! Her intuition and experience is amazing! I would highly recommend her for any or all of your mind/body needs."

- Kim J.  

"I have been one of Rebecca’s clients since May of 2011. I have been using the services of massage therapists since 2005, six in total, and there is no doubt in my mind that Rebecca is the best massage therapist I have utilized during that time. Rebecca is incredibly intuitive and has an amazing ability to read her clients and sense where the problem areas are.  She expertly knows how to treat the body to achieve the best possible result. 

I have had severe problems with my psoas muscles, very difficult muscles to treat, the past 5 years. Rebecca is the fourth massage therapist I have engaged services and there is no doubt that she has provided the most effective treatment. She has an incredible knowledge and skill set.

Rebecca is a caring, compassionate, intuitive, knowledgeable, and dedicated therapist. She has a passion for body work and that passion is clearly evident in her technique and manner. Rebecca truly cares about the wellness of her clients and does everything in her power to help her clients achieve the best possible results." 

- Robert Y.